Introducing Opino

Nikhil Iyer
3 min readJan 17, 2022

On current social media platforms like Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn, if someone asks for an opinion, it takes a lot of effort for someone to write a comment and give their opinion back. This can be attributed to many things like shorter attention span/friction in commenting/fear of judgement on their opinion etc. So people usually refrain from asking opinions on these platforms. A study conducted across an audience of 7000 members on Facebook showed that 42% of the users don’t engage due to fear of backlash.

Interesting, isn’t it? Given that all social platforms were made to connect us together, yet ended up driving us apart (surveys indicate an increase in introverts due to social platforms).

Even if you do manage to find a way to get opinions from your near and dear ones, there is no mechanism available out there that can aggregate them into discrete meaningful views. The comment sections on social sites are riddled with different takes on an issue, and it is generally hard to discern out good opinions from the noise.

Polls are fascinating to us for primarily two things, the ease of engagement it offers and how the author gets some meaning out of it. Effort taken to share an opinion is reduced to a single click. The aggregation of opinions into meaningful structure and form also guides the author on how their audience thinks and reacts.

Therefore we thought of creating Opino — A quick opinion gathering/sharing platform, where everyone comes to get/share opinions.


Here is an intro video to let you know what features we pack into Opino

Our key offerings :

  • Opino provides polling in various forms🔥 — Text, Image as options and Image as background polls
different ways to capture opinions 😍
  • Anonymous voting 👀 — to share your opinion anonymously
Anonymous feature on Opino
the shy/introvert community loves this !!
  • Groups 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 — create/join communities and poll with like-minded people
Groups feature on Opino
You can ask quirky stuff only with your close friends, right?
  • Comments 💬 — to debate opinions with friends
comments on Opino
agree or argue here, nobody is stopping you
  • Vote list📊 — check what your friends are opining to your poll
Vote list on Opino
a special feature for the author
  • Profile 😃 — Build your profile, grow your followers
Profile on Opino
checking yourself out is acceptable on Opino

cool, innit ? We are live on Google Play here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Opino is the next big social media platform which will become the default opinion (short form) seeking platform for everyone. Opinion gathering/sharing has never been easier.

Happy polling! 🤟