Introducing Opino


Here is an intro video to let you know what features we pack into Opino

  • Opino provides polling in various forms🔥 — Text, Image as options and Image as background polls
different ways to capture opinions 😍
  • Anonymous voting 👀 — to share your opinion anonymously
Anonymous feature on Opino
the shy/introvert community loves this !!
  • Groups 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 — create/join communities and poll with like-minded people
Groups feature on Opino
You can ask quirky stuff only with your close friends, right?
  • Comments 💬 — to debate opinions with friends
comments on Opino
agree or argue here, nobody is stopping you
  • Vote list📊 — check what your friends are opining to your poll
Vote list on Opino
a special feature for the author
  • Profile 😃 — Build your profile, grow your followers
Profile on Opino
checking yourself out is acceptable on Opino



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